Renie’s 20/20: 20 Lessons from 20 Years…

  1. Hire to fit your culture. You can train people who are aligned with you to do the job. You can’t train people to be different than their authentic self.
  2. People who know everything are not the people you want to hang with. People who are curious and love learning are smarter, more innovative thinkers and far more interesting,
  3. If you think training your people is expensive, try not training them!
  4. Service is not a training program. Service is a culture. Training delivers the skills a person needs to bring your culture and brand to life. It isn’t instinctive, so stop pretending it is “simple.” It just isn’t. If it were simple, there would be no service issues.
  5. People either thrive in serving others, or they don’t. Everything you need to know, they will show you.
  6. There is nothing better than feeling a part of something special.
  7. In life, who you hang with is who you become.
  8. Every experience, no matter how glorious or painful at the time, has value.
  9. Help clean up the mess even if you didn’t make it.
  10. When your gut says no, go with NO!
  11. A bad hire is a bad hire. Don’t hope you are wrong.
  12. Team alignment is the greatest ingredient to optimal productivity.
  13. Petty kills energy. Nip it in the bud. Fast.
  14. Fanatically commit to “your people”… your clients, your fellow team members and your vendors, and you never have to worry about losing them even when they move on.
  15. People who are inspiring inspire people. Now that really is just that simple.
  16. Be humble or get ready to be humbled.
  17. Bring your good time with you.
  18. People who want more and are not willing to give more should be part of your “it’s time to move on” people.
  19. Love what you do and you will find more joy in your life.
  20. Stop hoping that others will make you happy. Put yourself in a position where you have joy and happiness around you. It works!

For 20 years and counting…

All in,