1109, 2018

10 Travel Lessons…That Make for Good Life Lessons

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Constantly traveling, I have found many ways that my traveling lessons make for good life lessons too.
Here is how I have applied them:

Hang with people you like and respect. Life’s a journey and it’s more fun with like-minded people.
Find something to laugh about every day. Laughter lightens our load!
Say you’re sorry when […]

409, 2018

You Win, or You Learn

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Thomas Edison had over 1,000 “learnings” to create the light bulb. Edison didn’t create it because it came to him and presto “there was light”. Edison was unwilling to stop until he got the result he knew was possible and in doing so he changed our lives forever. If you want to leave a lasting […]

2808, 2018

5 Things that Limit your Potential to Shine

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It’s a great thing to find your shine, now make sure you keep it by avoiding these 5 things that limit your potential to continue to shine:

Shine requires happiness. Apathy sucks all joy. Avoid apathy and the pukers who suck your energy. Even if you have to “fire” the people around you. Life is too short to […]

2108, 2018

If you want different results you have to ask different questions…

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It’s that time of year…the annual planning session is bearing down on us.
Here are eight strategic planning topics to talk to your leaders about as you begin to explore how to grow your market share and financial performance in 2019. Take one question at every staff meeting. Give it some real thinking time.

What can […]

1408, 2018

Leaders, Listen and Learn

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Listen and Learn. Your employees are the voice of your operational realities. They are your eyes and ears of your guest experience and give you foundational insights into your real SWOT (Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats.)

Here are three questions to ask your employees. Invite them in small groups to meet with you and just listen and […]

708, 2018

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

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There are things we all wish we knew when we were younger. Here’s my list…

Be a Believer. It’s going to be an extraordinary journey.
Effort matters A LOT more than anyone says it does
Find your tribe. You aren’t everyone’s flavor and that’s okay. Your people will lift you.
You won’t be a bag lady.
Be […]

3107, 2018

Do I have to change?

By |July 31st, 2018|Aspire Leadership Tips|0 Comments

Change happens in one of two ways:

It either happens to you (others are controlling it) or it happens with you (where you find a way to lead or influence it and you choose to have a voice in it).

Regardless of which way it happens, we all have to deal with change. It is required for growth and […]

2407, 2018

Love Matters Most

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The gift of love imprints us like nothing else.
It makes us stronger when we let it. It allows us to explore who we are and gives us the strength to be who we can become. When we love unconditionally, we are at risk. Love and loss live in the same place and we get one with the […]

1707, 2018

Are you burning yourself out?

By |July 17th, 2018|Aspire Leadership Tips|0 Comments

We have all been there…
Your inner drive kicks in. You are loving what you are doing. You are in your success zone and your inner power is in full throttle. Before you know it, you are on fire…in a good way!
Face it, if you are reading my tips you are a performer. A doer. And doers love the zone. It’s […]

1007, 2018

Read this!

By |July 10th, 2018|Aspire Leadership Tips|0 Comments

Here are some things we know about reading…

Triggers your mind
Expands your ideas
Engages your emotions
Challenges your perspectives

People who don’t read are as challenged and perhaps even as ignorant as people who cannot read.
My Challenge to You: Please reply to this email to share with me a book or article you recently read […]

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