1710, 2017

The best strategy is good strategy

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What are you doing to prepare to kick ass in 2018? You should be thinking! It’s strong strategy.

Strategic thinking lays the foundation for strategic planning and ultimately, for your success. If it’s worth doing, do it right so find the time you need. Stop trying to just “fit it in.” There is never a good […]

1010, 2017

Icebergs ahead!

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Problems are a lot like icebergs…  The real issues tend to be hidden below the surface.

Over the years of working with thousands of leaders (and I would include myself in this count!), most see a problem and look for the quick, painless way out. We don’t want to dig deeper to explore and identify the core problem. To […]

310, 2017

Away we go

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Lumbering herald of Fall,

We surrender to introspection…

A gift from our future,

Please offer us the quality of silence.

Give us the strength to move inward… toward peace and tranquility.

We make this journey with confidence and faith,

Knowing you are within us; here to guide us.

We let go.

We embrace the winding road ahead with glee.

We move in joy.

And like the […]

2609, 2017

Color outside the lines

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To have something you haven’t had…
To expand your brand relevance so you own your market niche…
To innovate your approach to doing business…
To grow your performance 25% in a year…
You must dare to color outside of the lines.

You can’t win by focusing on holding on to what you have. You cannot dominate if you focus on not […]

1909, 2017

Just Say No

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You can be comfortable with saying “No.”
Recently, I was boating with a friend of mine—a true adventurer and a responsible boater who has owned and operated many.

I love boating!  I love being out on the water though I don’t feel safe in the water.  I am afraid of it.  I can swim… and the idea […]

1209, 2017

Responsibility Drives Accountability

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Last week, I talked about staying in your own lane and encouraging your team to come up with their own answers… to think things through rather than run to you with every question. This is because the only way to have accountability is to ensure people stay in their lanes—without becoming silos! Here are some […]

509, 2017

Stay in your lane

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As the boss,  it is easy to get trapped in the “go to the boss and get the answer” habit. The mindset that unconsciously develops is…

“I’ll ask the boss. They know what they want.”
“I submitted the project and I know the boss won’t let it go out wrong. She’ll clean it up and […]

2908, 2017

All Terrain

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Learning to enjoy the ride
I just returned from my EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization) annual Forum Retreat.  After working on our businesses for a few days, we went out for “a ride.” I had never been on an ATV before and thought, “it has four wheels and a cushion seat… you sit and you drive… how hard […]

2208, 2017

You get paid to think

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It was a profound moment when my boss said, “Renie, stop hoping I will congratulate you on a job well done. You need to understand that I pay you to think and the fact that you did is an acknowledgment of you doing your job!”

Harsh? Well, maybe a little. It was a big pill to swallow […]

1508, 2017

Are you that one person?

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It only takes one person to inspire many…
Be that person!

Leaders dare to do what others won’t

Leaders inspire us to see something we would otherwise not see

Leaders know that where there is connection people will follow and fanatically engage

Leaders know that if they want others to play all in, they must lead the way

Leaders […]

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