1212, 2017

Mindset Matters Most

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Over more than 20 years of working with people and helping them unlock their potential, I have seen one thing remain constant:  It doesn’t matter what skills people have or what skills they need… If people don’t have the mindset to learn new things, change their behavior, and enthusiastically engage, their potential is limited.
The Lesson
People don’t […]

512, 2017

Reflections: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

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I began my journey as an entrepreneur 23 years ago. It has been an amazing gift…an amazing ride!

I was asked in a recent interview if leading Aspire has been a smooth road. I had to laugh. Loudly! Anyone who says owning a business is a smooth road is lying, ignorant or unconscious! The road is windy. […]

2811, 2017

Get your crystal ball

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Look. Listen. Explore. Evolve.
The future is easy to predict. Leadership is the hard stuff!

Leaders have to inspire all that is possible, optimize people and market opportunities, and push for maximum performance.  At the same time, they must:

Be grounded
Be present to their organization’s realities
Facilitate their team’s growth and evolution

As a leader, it is vital that […]

2111, 2017

Can you fall in love again?

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I have been playing my flute again. I took a break—a long break of 30 years or so—and when I picked it up, I thought, “This can’t be that difficult. Isn’t it like riding a bike?” Not. At. All!

I was a classically trained flutist and by no means was I ever going pro. Shall we say, “good, but […]

1411, 2017

Expecting Loyalty?

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A person I often work with recently asked if I was still loyal. The answer was yes and still the question was uncomfortable.

We all expect loyalty… from our friends, co-workers, boss, spouse or partner, and from our employees. What are we really asking?

Being loyal means you honor and respect a person enough to have real conversations. This is my kind of […]

711, 2017

Mistake? Or Sign of Trouble?

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When it comes to mistakes:

Once is interesting

Twice is puzzling

Thrice is a trend

Beware of trends. 
Without correction, you have trouble.
All in,

3110, 2017

8 Steps to meeting your goals this year

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We set goals individually and as teams. Some of us even avoid setting them at all for fear of not reaching them!

A lot of research and study has been done on goal setting, and here is how leaders can ensure they (and their teams) focus first on the goal and their motivation toward that goal, then […]

2410, 2017

Summarizing for Executives

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Selling your Strategic Plan & Budget to your Boss and Owner!
aka  Writing an Extraordinarily Effective Strategic Plan Executive Summary
I have to say… this may be one of the most boring tip titles of all time and having seen a lot of executive summaries, I am always amazed at how terrible they are! If you […]

1710, 2017

The best strategy is good strategy

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What are you doing to prepare to kick ass in 2018? You should be thinking! It’s strong strategy.

Strategic thinking lays the foundation for strategic planning and ultimately, for your success. If it’s worth doing, do it right so find the time you need. Stop trying to just “fit it in.” There is never a good […]

1010, 2017

Icebergs ahead!

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Problems are a lot like icebergs…  The real issues tend to be hidden below the surface.

Over the years of working with thousands of leaders (and I would include myself in this count!), most see a problem and look for the quick, painless way out. We don’t want to dig deeper to explore and identify the core problem. To […]

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