2103, 2019

Leadership Lessons are Everywhere

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7 Leadership Lessons I learned on my Ski Adventure

It has been 7 years since I got back on my boards.  I used to ski a great deal when I lived in Colorado, where I spent a lot of time on what Denverites affectionately call “the hill”.  Recently, I went on a ski trip to Telluride […]

1503, 2019

Beat the competition with this

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Everyone in business wants to beat the competition.  Sure, there are many ways to do this, but let’s talk about one thing you can start doing TODAY.  What is it?  Start by your number one asset: your people.  The happiest employees make the happiest and most satisfied customers, and the key to beating the competition.

Of […]

1203, 2019

Make the right choice today….be where you want to be tomorrow.

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Life is About Choices

Are you living the life and making the choices that reflect who you are or want to be?

Life is about choices. The decisions you make every day reflect the life you get to live.  The quality of your life comes down to your daily actions – the good, the bad, and the […]

803, 2019

Building a Strong Team Requires This

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So how is your connection at work these days?  I’m not talking about the connection of your WIFI – I’m talking about face to face, REAL connection with people.  If you are looking to win the game, then the most important thing to remember is: connection builds teams.

Connection creates a space of mutual engagement and […]

503, 2019

How to win the game in business…

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Keep Your Eye on the Ball (in business)

While soaking up the sunshine at a recent Spring Training game, I was reflecting on how much business is just like baseball.  It offers lots of options, many decisions, and requires you to play on a team. You can’t win on your own; you don’t lose by yourself. […]

103, 2019

Want success? Start with passion.

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Passion is the energy of your heart, the fuel of your life.  It is the combustion of energy, emotion, and focus and it is at the core of people who shine. Passion is also an emotional state of mind. It drives you to engage and to perform at an outstanding level. Passion gives you the […]

2602, 2019

Successful leadership starts with this.

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Getting your Head into the Game Starts with your Mindset

All human beings have one thing in common.  We feel the way we think, and our thoughts drive our behaviors.  Successful leadership starts with a positive mindset.

Everything we do regardless of what it is, begins with how we think and that reflects our truth, and ultimately our mindset.  […]

2202, 2019

Building a Great Culture with Employee Recognition

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What do successful organizations who have great cultures do?  They take the time for employee recognition.  Whether its’s a quick note, a shout-out in a meeting, or presenting a well-deserved award, people shine when they are encouraged.  People want to know that you believe in them.

Here are three ways to start recognizing employees today:

Send […]

1902, 2019

Successful leader trait: Self-confidence

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Having strong self-leadership requires a sense of confidence which is much different that ego.  If you are a self-confident leader, you have faith in yourself and your abilities to get the job done right.  You accept constructive criticism, and although you make the final decision, you welcome other’s opinions in order to get the best […]

1502, 2019

Inspire innovation with your team – three great hacks.

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Ready to create the most innovative company in your industry?  It starts with contribution.  People want to contribute.  It increases employee engagement and satisfaction, particularly if ideas are put to use.   Even the smallest ideas can become a part of a brainstorm that turns into significant innovation.

Three ways to inspire innovation within your company:

Create […]

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