1303, 2018

What’s the big idea?

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Big Ideas? We should all have them. Please think. Thoughtlessness is annoying!

The Scenario:
I was recently on a one-week, four-city trip. With this many destinations, I was loaded with bags and I arrived late in the evening to check into a hotel. Though the hotel was only half full, the front desk agent checked me in […]

603, 2018

And the credit goes to…

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I love the Oscars!
People doing what they love and honoring those that helped them get there. It makes me reflect…
I would like to thank, apologize, and give credit to…

My mother for putting up with me
My father for making me believe I could do anything I committed to
My coaches and teachers who never gave […]

2702, 2018

5 ways to shine the light

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Every day we have the opportunity to bring a little sunshine into someone’s life. Imagine if each of the 7.6 billion people on the planet chose to bring joy into another’s life today?

Energy is what makes the world go round. It is what gets us up and moving and the lack of it can take us down […]

2002, 2018

Does Culture Matter? Ask Tom Brady!

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If you don’t think culture matters, just ask Tom Brady.
It wasn’t that he had a bad day. And it wasn’t the unsportsmanlike conduct he displayed by not shaking the winning quarterback’s hand. Even die-hard Patriots fans questioned that!

Instead, it was that this Philly team showed up with the right owner (stakeholder), coaches (leadership team), and players […]

1302, 2018

Balancing Act

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Life is Never in Balance that’s why it’s a Balancing Act.
If you’re like me, you struggle with life-work balance. It’s a never-ending pursuit for my team, too.

Entrepreneurs are “all in” kinds of people. (And so are many leaders… that’s how you got where you are today.)

We have to be tenacious, demanding, and driven. There is […]

602, 2018

What type are you?

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There are 3 types of people on the planet:

 Those who talk about history

Those who talk about other people

 Those who talk about the future

Who do you want to be?
Email me. We’ll talk about the future!

All in,


3001, 2018

Stop procrastinating!

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Do you want to decrease your stress?
Stop procrastinating and check in on your need for perfection!
These 2 habits—procrastination and perfectionism— slow you down and create mediocrity. (And that is all they are: habits. They are not genetic!)
What’s the worst that can happen? 
For the most part, a bad decision can be corrected and generally, bad decisions […]

2301, 2018

Are you All in?

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Imagine everyone in your organization engaged, aligned, and performing to their potential.
Imagine everyone playing “All In”
Great organizations have synergy. Their culture allows them to play to a rhythm at a different tempo than the average organization. How do you get that at your organization? Consider this:

If you aren’t all in, no one else will be. Be a […]

1601, 2018

What is YOUR Personal Brand?

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Just like your business has a brand… so do you. Your brand is what you are known for… it reflects the value you bring to your organization through your presence and work product (deliverables).

As with ensuring brand relevance for a product or organization, it is important for you to identify what you want your ‘Brand.Me’ to […]

901, 2018

Make 2018 Your Year

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It’s a new year! This year, I am going to keep these things top of mind…

Let’s not call them resolutions as those tend to go by the wayside. Instead, let’s call them new habits. As leaders, I urge you to adopt them, too:

Laugh more
Be critical less
If you are going to show up then […]

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