1906, 2018

Creative Environments are Smarter Environments

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Don’t think of creativity as an ability to draw, paint, or design. Think of creativity as the ability to think and see things differently. We all have it in us.

As leaders we have to be intentional and create moments to think and inspire.
Here are a few ideas for you to enhance the creative thinking on your team:


1206, 2018

Your vibe is your tribe

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I am blessed to hang with my fellow aspirates every day.
Don’t get me wrong…things hit the fan. People can sometimes drive me crazy. Pettiness pisses me off and mistakes happen.

Then I step back and remember I would rather spend time with this tribe any day than with any other. Nothing is perfect. No one is without limitations. These people are the best […]

506, 2018

It’s all about the motivational switch

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We all have one. Our motivational switch.
Your motivational switch only has one operator…you.
As a leader we have to accept that though we may see someone with potential, they have to turn on their switch. We can only create an environment where they choose to turn it on. For those that don’t, their work product lives […]

2905, 2018

12 things I’ve learned about evaluating my own leadership

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If you think leadership development is expensive, imagine the cost of weak leadership!
Think about you and your team.

Where are you? Where is your team? How are your leaders performing? Do you know what people want?

Every year I self-reflect on my own leadership effectiveness focusing on 12 things. These focus areas are included in this Leadership Self-Test.

Is […]

2205, 2018

Is your communication all talk?

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Most people confuse communication with talking.
Talk can be inspiring. It can be engaging. It can be informative. But talking tends to be a monologue.

I’m a talker. Hell, I get paid to talk for a living and that doesn’t mean I’m a great communicator.
Communication is a dialogue.
It is always interesting to me when people say they are a strong […]

1505, 2018

Lead with heart

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To be All In requires your heart…
I was recently asked what role emotional intelligence plays in the 21st century workplace. My answer:
If you want employee engagement, you had best be an expert in emotional intelligence.
How do you strengthen your leadership effectiveness through improving your emotional intelligence?

Find ways to connect with your people at a deeper level
Listen more. Talk […]

805, 2018

Do you shine?

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People ask me all the time,”How do you find the energy to travel so much?” The answer is simple: People!
People inspire me.
People get me thinking about how to help them remove the obstacles they face. People remind me of how hard it can be to change and make progress. People get me where I need to […]

105, 2018

Lead with kindness

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Pay-It-Forward Day was this past Saturday. It is an annual, global celebration to raise our consciousness around the impact of our kindness and the ripple effect we each have on one another. It is a day of reflection on how we commitment to acts of kindness.

When I viewed this video, it reminded me of what matters every […]

2404, 2018

Squash Negativity

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Recently I was in a meeting full of stimulating conversation…people solving dynamic and difficult problems with diverse and passionate perspectives. I was inspired. They were aligned and respectful as they sat at a table that influenced so many people both inside and outside their organization. They were supportive and passionate–and even in their different ideas and solutions they […]

1704, 2018

Coaching and Character

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I watched an amazing thing happen this weekend. My daughter’s speech and debate team won 2nd place in Division 1 for the State! It was remarkable as this is a high school with only 270 kids beating all the other schools that are many times bigger. In this intellectual sport, numbers do count. But it wasn’t the […]

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