1812, 2018

What I Know About Change…

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As the end of 2018 barrels towards us, it is important to begin thinking critically about the past year. Our accomplishments, our failures, what held us back from making progress, how can we move forward, etc… We may even begin to realize that what may have held us back was ourselves, our own actions, our own behavior. That […]

1112, 2018

10 Easy Ways to Improve your Communication

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We all know that communication can help or hurt relationships and yet frequently we don’t take the time to ensure our communication is landing as we intended.
Here are a few tips on ways to raise your communication bar:

Talk less, listen more
Stop sending emails and texts with bad or embarrassing news. A great self-leadership rule is: […]

412, 2018

Your Mind Predicts Your Success

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Head Trash…we all get it. Some people choose to live in it. It is the leading killer of potential and more importantly of JOY. 
So, what do you do when you find yourself stuck in it?

Head trash is a mindset issue. The fact is: you feel the way you think and your thoughts determine how you […]

2711, 2018

Are you a dreamer?

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When is the last time you stopped, closed your eyes, and really thought about what is next in your life? Next in your career? What are your dreams?

“What you focus on comes true.”

Dreams help us visualize what we want in our future. They move us towards what we value for ourselves. When we have dreams, […]

2011, 2018

What Are You Grateful For?

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With Thanksgiving this week, it’s a good time for us to think about all of the things we are grateful for.
Here are 10 Things I’m Grateful For:

My health…it’s really the whole deal!
My daughter, Bella, who bring love, light and joy into my world every day. It’s incredible!
The people who love me even […]

611, 2018

We follow the leaders we love…

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We follow the leaders we love…
“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”   ~Robert Frost
Remember, when your people feel deeply connected, they participate in their life (and work!) with a different level of commitment. Don’t forget: connection builds rapport; rapport builds trust; and the intimacy of trust allows us to be emotionally engaged.

This […]

2310, 2018

5 Perspectives that Drag you Down

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Negativity is not a platform for change, it depletes energy and limits our ability to see what is possible.
You can’t shine if you don’t have the mindset, skill set or processes that allow you to do a job, of any kind, well. Shiners are competent and fanatical about learning.
Stop waiting for others […]

910, 2018

Beware of the Energy Suckers…

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Beware of the Energy Suckers…The Pukers
I recently was reminded of the impact of the energy suckers in my life. I couldn’t find what was draining my energy. What was limiting my creativity which has always been like a faucet for me, I turn it on and it flows. Who had my controls?

I looked up and […]

210, 2018

Is Intentional Leadership a Priority for You?

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Are you making intentional leadership a priority?
High performance leaders are intentional in their approach to leading themselves, others and the communities they work in.

Emotionally engaging leaders have 6 common behaviors (pillars) that they are intentionally focused on. These pillars create organizational alignment and makes:

the work more exciting
the environment more empowering and enjoyable
the creative […]

2509, 2018

Faith is Fuel

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Faith is an interesting perspective. Some attach it to religion while others align with the word from a spiritual perspective. Regardless of your take, I am inspired by the Head Coach of the Croatian Football (soccer) team when they played in the World Cup Finals. It was a gift in my life to be in Croatia at […]

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