Ask yourself: Is your contact & call center strategy relevant? Is it based in the reality of our changing industry, and set up to last?

Let us help you address those questions and make sure they are being answered with a resounding “YES.”

Today’s customers have many choices in the method they choose to make a reservation. With the onset of mobile technology and customers’ desires for instant answers, call centers are more critical than they were just a year ago and have not become a thing of the past.

  • Mobile plays a significant role in optimizing voice reservations. Voice has a renewed place in distribution channel management with the increase of mobile use.
  • Click-to-Chat is a revenue strategy that may assist, engage and ultimately increase website conversion. Chat is a voice channel component to consider.
  • Research indicates that the flow thru margin for voice reservations is 85% versus OTA reservations which is 52 percent. This is significant to your bottom line.  Smart brands are reinvesting in voice processes and enhancing their customer value propositions.
  • The focus on call conversion and revenue capture per call is at an all-time high due to the nature of customer engagement
  • When consumers call, it is because they want to talk.  It is because they want to buy. 

Whether you have six agents or 600, Aspire offers customized training and approaches to optimize profitability as margins are more challenging than ever. Our focus is on sales conversion, operational performance, employee productivity and accountability. We work hand in hand with you to create a customized solution that will grow your business.

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Many call & contact center training programs come from a cookie cutter mentality, applying the “same old, same old” methodologies without thought to the needs and objectives of the specific business. Effective training improves your employees’ competencies and Aspire’s collaborative customization can help you in any of the following areas:

  • talent and leadership development
  • processes
  • onsite delivery of training programs
  • in-house champion certification
  • customer effectiveness
  • loyalty experience
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Aspire’s licensed telephone buying process increases an average hotel or resort sales conversion up to 10%by creating a “customer-focused buying environment.” Your reservation agents learn to effectively sell benefits, create value, build rapport, build connection and drastically increase RevPAR and GOPPAR.

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Today’s top call center buying trends:

  1. Experience: give customers an experience they value
  2. Value Proposition: give value by addressing the specific needs of the customer
  3. Buying Environment: provide a customer focused vs. a selling environment which is product and process focused
  4. Choice: offer an alternative close, which sets up the choice

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