aspire client testimonials

Helping clients improve their business results is the only reason we are hired. Our customized and collaborative approach to improvement is the reason 96% of our customers, year-over-year since 1995, keep hanging with us. Our clients are the only measurement of our success. Though the mountains of awards, endless industry acclaim and hours of praise are nice too…

Here is what our clients have to say about Aspire:

“Renie Cavallari and Aspire represent one of those rare firms that combine innovation, strategy, and collaborative thought with high energy, passion, and a burning desire to help leaders get the most out of themselves and their organization. With an infectious commitment to inspiring greatness, a company will do very well by making Aspire an essential part of the their change process. When it comes to community, leadership and coaching – nobody brings a more powerful combination of passion, experience and wisdom to the table. Renie doesn’t just inform…she transforms. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of my most trusted advisors.”
Ric Leutwyler, CEO, EventSpark
“I have had the pleasure of working with Renie and the Aspire team for close to a decade, where Renie has time and again injected strategic, unconventional approaches to solving key leadership and development issues with innovative approaches to people development, training and internal communication.”
Fredrik Korallus, EVP Global Revenue Generation, Carlson Hotels (2005 - 2011)
“You can give a man a fish or…you can teach a man to fish…and the latter is the essence of Aspire. This is an organization of great people coming together creating measurable and lasting results. Aspire’s creative thinking, expert knowledge, extraordinary learning approaches and unmatched facilitation helped Carlson Hotels create and deliver highly valuable revenue optimization programs around the world. Aspire’s involvement in our goals assured our success as reflected by the unanimously positive feedback from our participants and the results we have enjoyed for years.”
Steve Outwater, Vice President of Training & Education, Carlson Worldwide Hotels
“Aspire has had a tremendously positive impact on our Destination Hotels and Resorts Culture. Aspire has assisted our leadership team in building a dynamic culture in our reservations and revenue discipline through training and development, consultation and strategic thinking. We have so closely partnered with Aspire that anytime we need to think through a strategic plan, tactical rollout of a new initiative, or guidance on leadership in the field, the Aspire “braintrust” is the first invited on our call, or into our meeting. I truly feel that Aspire is an extension of our company, and really, at the end of the day, part of our family.”
Angela Shaughnessy, Director of Regional Reservations, Destination Hotels & Resorts
“I have had the privilege of working with the entire Aspire team at three different luxury resorts and find there is no one better in the industry. Renie has developed a culture that combines innovation with bottom line results, motivation and morale with conversion rates and sales. The Aspire team embodies the best of training, strategic development, and creativity. I especially like working with Aspire as they are so different from the traditional “cookie-cutter” models; they understand that every client, every location, and every situation is unique and they are able to adapt with agility and focus while not imposing a template upon each situation. I plan to continue working with Aspire in the future, and would never even consider looking at another company for the variety of services that they offer. And in the end, they are all wonderful people and they make the process fun!”
John Bradway II, Director of Marketing, Round Hill Hotel and Villas
“Aspire’s reservation sales training has made a huge financial impact and up to then, we thought we were pretty good at what we did. The intellectually protected processes that are a result of Aspire’s commitment to innovation and uncovering what makes customer’s want to buy allowed Aspire to build custom designed content for our teams, giving us a competitive edge. As an organization we went to another level of performance and gave our reservations sales and customer service agents an easy to use, powerful reservation selling system. Aspire is just what the doctor ordered.”
Greg Staley, Vice President of Individual Sales & Companywide Reservations, Destination Hotels & Resorts
“What I love about Renie Cavallari’s aspire… to be Leadership Tips is that they are practical and action oriented. If you are looking to create team synergy, Renie introduces a common framework based on proven Leadership Principles that people can rally around! Renie is dynamic, inspiring, has great stories and people can relate to her!”
Gene Ruch, Senior Manager, Boeing Corporation
“Working with Renie has truly been not only a cultural change for us, but also an awakening to the motivation and inspiration that drives me and each of my team to push ourselves one degree more! We have adapted her learning to become part of our dialogue and have created the framework and definition which has been unifying our community. She has changed not only our professional but personal perspectives on what defines successful and meaningful opportunities. We have seen the results!”
Marianna B. Accomando, Vice President of Sales, Assistant General Manager, Seaport Hotel & Seaport World Trade Center
“When you need to build a team or take your team to the next level, Aspire will define, personalize and energize a program that will knock your socks off! We had amazing results immediately and the impact of the coaching tools continues to allow us to build bridges throughout our Sanctuary Resort and Spa community. I have worked with Aspire for several years in many corporate and hospitality capacities and will continue to use them as my number one resource for achieving performance and results.”
Jill Clark, Resort Manager Sanctuary Resort & Spa, Conde Naste #1
“Aspire continues to inspire our leadership group to evolve our sales and marketing community. Aspire has reinforced the 6 pillars of building a world class community over the past 16 years, which has accelerated our alignment of values, norms and performance. Our competition can duplicate our technology, imitate our services or build similar products. Renie and the Aspire team have focused us in on our only sustainable competitive advantage – our people!”
Andre Fournier, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Destination Hotels & Resorts
“Aspire’s support, creativity and high energy in designing the Ramada Service Culture was invaluable. They recognize that excellence and culture is a journey, not a destination.”
Tracy Plumstead, CHA, CHE, CHDT; Wyndham Hotel Group Director, Quality Assurance
“Our 2 day Management Coaching Learning Program was very valuable to our team and with our commitment to implement and actively engage our new tools daily in our work environment we will be able to take our team’s performance to much higher levels. It also helps us create a culture that is not only fun, spirited, and rewarding financially but one that offers true internal and external career growth for all of our employees. The team at WM is very excited about the empowerment the training provided us. It was an eye opener for all of us with a powerful impact. I am extremely pleased with the training we received from Aspire, the focus it helped provide, and the effect it has already had on the team here. We just completed our first staff meeting and it was the most productive, efficient, and positive team meeting we’ve had. Your training absolutely hit it out of the park and it’s the only training that actually gets me more pumped up as time goes by. Now that’s impact! Thanks again for your time, energy, spirit, and “wowing” my whole team!”
Brian Culp, Sales, Director Corporate Telecenter, Waste Management Inc.
“The Aspire training sessions “Creating the Passion” and “Revenue Surge Sales Training” infused us with a new sense of enthusiasm and energy that allowed us to improve our operations and sales efforts immediately. The material is fresh, innovative and fun. Aspire handed us a shiny, brand new toolbox that enabled us to understand each other better, hold each other more accountable and as a result become easier to do business with. Coming from an underdog position where it was sometimes difficult to stay motivated, we re-discovered our zeal to become the market leader. Immediately following the Revenue Surge class, our Sales team tripled bookings from the same time frame prior to the training.”
Alicia Wiley, Resort Manager, Westin Kierland Hotel
“At Ardent, we aspire to be a high performance company on all levels within our organization. We invest a lot of time on our team member’s individual development plans and training in general. We have conducted two sales training classes over the past six months, using Aspire to lead these sessions. Not only have we been pleased with the training they have presented, we believe their style and message creates long term accountability within our team. We have been fortunate enough to have Keith Clark conduct both classes for us and Keith has a style that relaxes his audience and gives them confidence to be themselves during all aspects of their training agenda . . . which Ardent executives collaborated with the Aspire team to create. Also, prior to and in follow up, our team members who have attended these classes have received information that helps them to prepare for the class and tools that help them retain lessons weeks after the classes are over. The bottom line for us is that our sales and training efforts will most likely always include the Aspire team, Keith Clark and their CEO, Renie Cavallari. The fundamental reason is their corporate values are similar to Ardents’ and their passion for their business always seems to make a difference for our team.”
James P. Evans, Principal/CEO, Ardent Hotel Advisors
“Aspire and Renie Cavallari’s high energy and enthusiasm builds a deep sense of community which has helped our strategic approach to not only sales but all management practices. Our sales organization has been able to push themselves “one degree more” in each of their customer interactions, delivering outstanding financial results two years in a row. Because of the collaborative work Renie has done, our team has a deeper understanding of the connectivity they have to each other and the business overall. They are selling smarter and with clear intention on the effect operationally. The prospecting and closing sales strategies Renie has shared have developed a stronger pipeline of accounts for our business.”
David O’Shaughnessy, President & Managing Director, Seaport Hotel & Seaport World Trade Center
“When we first met with Aspire to customize a learning (training) program for our revenue and sales consultants, I immediately appreciated the personalized and dedicated approach the design team took around the work and the measurable outcomes we wanted to achieve. We had two goals in mind: To strengthen the consulting skills of the team and enhance the sales consulting skills of the team. Out-of-the-box thinking isn’t just a cliché with Aspire, it’s the way they approach their business. Renie and the Aspire team personally researched our existing processes, took the time to evaluate our successes and our opportunities and came up with distinct gaps to improve on. Both our novice and seasoned participants gained knowledge and skills to use in their everyday consulting.”
Ken Pahkim, CHA, Director, Holiday Inn Brand Service Culture IHG - US & Canada, Hotel Performance Support
“Upon opening, we engaged Aspire to assist us with our revenue generation, focused on the reservations team and our sequence of service to the guest. Ultimately, our relationship expanded to include strategic leadership training. As our business faced tremendous adversity, Renie and her team were able to eliminate the impact of the odds stacked against our team, and bring us together as a community to achieve the success we have enjoyed. This would not have been possible without the leadership of Renie and her Aspire team.”
Greg Hanss, Director of Sales and Marketing, Montelucia Resort