Renie’s newest addition to the aspire…to series inspires people to turn on their motivational switch and play “all in!”

aspire…to shine dares to imagine a world where people truly shine… where their inner light lifts them to their full potential — at work and in life.

Leadership is a behavior, not a position and how you lead — including how you self-lead — reflects how you shine. When we shine, we awaken our potential and in doing so, we naturally shine the light on others so they feel inspired to do the same.

Leaders shine the light so OTHERS may see.


Everything we “aspire” to accomplish as leaders involves people. In her book aspire…to shine, Renie shares her astute observations of what it takes to grow as a person and as a leader through a thoughtful collection of real life stories. The concepts are easily relatable and it behooves us to spend some time in self-reflection to be reminded of not only what we are supposed to do as leaders, but why.

David Kong, CEO

Best Western International

aspire…to shine presents:

  • How to Turn On Your Motivational Switch
  • People Who Shine: The Shiner’s Formula™
  • Everyone Leads: The 6 Pillars of Self-Leadership — Thousands of hours of research have resulted in the 6 Pillars of Self-Leadership™️, a proven and protected method of sustainable success in business. When a culture is supported and founded upon the 6 Pillars, everyone becomes aligned and the work becomes more enjoyable, fostering positivity and productivity which propels profitability.
  • Leaders Who Shine:
    • The Aspire Performance Model®️
    • The Aspire Competency Set®️ — The Competency Model is comprised of 3 parts:

1. Mindset — Accomplishment requires a perspective that serves you as how you think determines how you act, respond or perform

2. Skill Set — Accomplishment requires skill, regardless of the job or activity

3. Process Set — Accomplishment requires processes that provide us with a consistent approach for delivering results

  • What is “Jazz Banding” and why is it important?
  • The Allure of Negativity and the Colors of Energy
  • Tips to keep your motivational well full (here are a few)

“In her new book aspire…to shine, Renie Cavallari uncovers the secrets we are all looking for – extracting joy and happiness from everything we do. This in turn drives us to success.

As I turned the pages, I could not put it down. Each chapter is a separate story on how to understand that life is simple and by living by a few rules you can immediately be prepared for all the challenges we meet daily.

Don’t you wonder that some people seem to have life easy and they go from success to success with what appears to be little effort? After you finish aspire…to shine, not only will you understand the secrets of success, you will be able to apply them into your daily life immediately.”

Peter H. Thomas, Chairman

Thomas Pride International

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About the Author

Renie Cavallari

Renie Cavallari

Renie Cavallari is an award-winning strategist known for innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge change navigation which she employs to ensure client relevance now and into the future.

As founder, CEO, and Chief Instigator of Aspire, a company whose client retention rate hovers above 96% year-over-year for 22 years, Cavallari uses extensive, field-tested research as the basis for revolutionary training programs that engage, entertain, and inform even as they improve financial performance and drive measurable results for companies all over the world.

An internationally recognized leadership expert, This CEO Coach is a captivating speaker and the author of six other works, including the first three in the aspire to… series:

  • Aspire… to Be (the first in the aspire… to series)
  • Aspire… to Lead (the second in the aspire… to series)
  • Live. Love. Laugh. Often… A book of poetry
  • The Official Girlfriends’ Getaway Book
  • Business is Like Baseball Minibük
  • The Little Guide to Shining Minibük