Danny Schayes: Wondering what elements the NBA has in common with business today?

Renie goes live with Danny Schayes, an 18 year veteran of the NBA and the son of a Hall of Famer – Dolph Schayes. This is an inspiring and motivational interview, ideal for teams and individuals.

Renie speaks to Rex Pemberton: Youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest

Find out what has motivated Rex to climb all 7 summits – the highest mountain on every continent. Rex will also discuss his passion, fears and what drives him as a trainer, motivational speaker and business owner.

David Stillman: Aspire LIVE! goes Generational.

If your work place feels like a battle zone and colleagues sometimes act like adversaries, you are not alone. Today four generations must find ways to work and live together. Generational expert David Stillman couldn’t agree more! Co-author of the best seller, “When Generations Collide,” David has committed his life to working with corporations to bridge the gap that exists between today’s workplace filled with complex and diverse generations. Intensely eye-opening, this broadcast may hold the key to how you can effectively recruit and motivate your staff! In addition, David and Renie talk about what the generations find valuable, which guide their buying decisions. You would be surprised who is buying and what they are buying!