As you begin the process of brand repositioning or take steps to better operationalize your existing brand, it is important to consider the perception – and therefore, the reality – of your guests and prospective customers.

With social media, technology and communication channels at the levels they are today, it is more important than ever to ensure that what you say you offer is the experience one can expect.

Igniting change and disrupting the status quo is difficult, mostly due to comfort. The past is a paradigm where we live comfortably and we know how things should be done and delivered.

The status quo is easy to maintain, and it is risky. It holds organizations back from their potential and prevents them from looking ahead. In order to meet and exceed consumer expectations and find new profits today, all organizations need to be a little disruptive and learn to shape their own future. Aspire can help you with that.

It’s Time to Think Differently…

In order to achieve the goals you want, you must think differently about the service experience you offer. Integrating your brand into your service experience drives guest satisfaction and differentiates you, regardless of your capital budget.

Your guest experience is defined by your people and the service experience they provide every minute of every day… your physical location is just one impression. Your people are the first and lasting impression.

Repositioning or updating your brand is quite an undertaking. It can be overwhelming to go in a new direction, and change has its own set of challenges. Aspire is uniquely qualified to help ease the pain of this intentional disruption. With emphasis on your specific circumstances, opportunities and desired outcomes, and an approach that incorporates total marketing strategy, we can provide:

  • Communication Strategies (Internal & External)
  • Marketing Messaging & PR Applications
  • Collateral Build (training manuals to name tags, etc)
  • Brand Operationalization

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Leaders are the people who take your brand promise and make it a reality. They inspire and engage their teams to work on the ground level, bringing your vision to fulfillment. Aspire meets with clients to identify what elements are critical to meeting your goals and objectives, and outline a leadership development program that will ignite your leaders and drive results. Our Leadership Development programs start with three essential components:

Engage & Inspire: drive fanatical commitment to your vision & pride in your defined service mission

Coach & Communicate: improve performance & accountability

Align & Integrate: sustain effective service standards through intregration of Aspire’s Organizational Alignment & Engagement Model, The 6 Pillars

Develop my leaders
Culture is the lifeblood of your organization. How do you make a guest into a raving fan who will return and recommend? By creating gracious hospitality with a strong service culture.
Begin with these 9 elements:

  1. Define your brand promise. What makes you unique? Establish your motto or vision. Center it around the impact you want to have.
  2. Tell your story loud and clear so your people (both staff and guests) can see what you envision.
  3. Identify creative ways to educate your team to deliver something special and extraordinary every day.
  4. Emotional connection. Employees greet guests by name and build rapport to deliver exceptional service.
  5. Dialogue-oriented communication. Employees engage guests in conversation. They listen to understand and respond to improve.
  6. 100% of employees view customers as equals, offering a valuable service experience. Think “gracious” at all times.
  7. Thoughtful and Thought-FULL interactions. The majority of employees use conversation with guests to uncover new information that helps them deliver service that is above and beyond expectation.
  8. Employees use a gracious perspective: “I am thankful for your business, and you are thankful for the service I provide.”
  9. Create special moments. Celebrate your guests’ occasions. Define those special moments that WOW your customer, and make sure your people know how to deliver them.
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If employees and volunteers do not have the skills and competencies they need to deliver on your service mission, you limit the potential of inspiring leadership and strategic alignment with your brand promise. We provide coaching to build new competencies toward your strategy based on our proven and protected process, The Aspire Learning Model®, and covers:

  • Handling objections
  • Customer service
  • Sales

Aspire’s Learning programs include train-the-trainer tools, and delivery certification. To keep the learning alive, we provide you with tools for ongoing learning and constant never-ending improvement (CANI)

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You put your best effort into defining your brand. Now you must integrate your brand promise into your guest experience for maximum impact.

Here at Aspire, we work with you to establish or refine your customer service strategy to support your brand promise. Once this strategy is established, we help you spread it throughout your organization to become your culture.

The process starts with building momentum to engage people and customers in your service mission by communicating the expectations and importance of the work to employees so they are inspired to deliver.

Culture is not fluff

How are you putting your people (both your guests and your staff) at the center of your brand and service delivery?