Guest habits aren’t static, so your training shouldn’t be either! With weeks of thoughtful preparation, customization, and research specific to your organization, Aspire is truly your partner when providing a Reservation Sales program. No two programs are alike; each is different, dynamic, and customized for your needs, goals, and operational realities.

Our proven, protected sales processes are founded in 20 years of experience and research, and our programs continue to evolve as industry and consumer trends shift. What we’ve learned and put at the center of our Reservations Sales Conversion programs is one simple fact… people want to buy, they don’t want to be sold. Our programs help separate your sales team from the pack through a focus on effective learning, not just training. We then provide innovative follow-up tools to keep the learning alive long after a program has ended.

After completing our training programs, your agents will be able to confidently and repeatedly:

  • Create a buying environment that engages the heart of what consumers are looking to experience today
  • Build loyalty and drive increased revenue capture through the creation of a personalized customer experiences
  • Gain experiential understanding of the fundamental difference between buying and selling, and how this difference impacts current and future guest buying habits

Sales is like breathing for some people, while for others it’s a real challenge. The truth is, anyone can be a great sales person by getting their heads in the game, practicing the right skills, and through using effective process. Great sales people aren’t only born; they can be made. We know just how to inspire them, train them, and help them build engaging buying environments that drive results and grow wallet share and loyalty.

Our Programs

Our Foundations program is a dynamic, broad-spectrum learning session that can engage agents of all skill levels. This program brings a customized focus designed in advance of program delivery around your unique objectives and opportunities to get people’s heads into the game. It provides an energizing learning environment to encourage retention of knowledge, tools for build new competencies, and ultimately creates an environment of empowerment and responsibility. Our training programs positively affect revenues and conversion by helping agents learn to focus on the guest experience, enhancing agent and guest connection, and providing tools for increased accountability.
You-Create-It Learning takes customization of your personalized program to the next level. The span of focus is both specific in focus and broad in application with these programs, as we believe both clarity and alignment around what matters most are what drive results. Pick what you want and get what you need. Our learning model…

…is excellent for advanced teams who need more focused learning and a push to advance the results they’re already driving

…grows revenues through increased reservation sales conversion and ancillary revenue capture

Reservation Sales programming overview:

  • Pre-call planning and opening skills
  • Prospecting skills
  • Discovery and exploration: how to question to gain strategic advantages and offer unique and powerful client experiences, thereby capitalizing on your unique points of difference and message
  • Listening skills: your secret weapon and the tool behind the close
  • Old selling vs. today’s selling
  • Building your pipeline process
  • 1 or 2 days on site

Programming options:

  • ½ day Self-Motivation: Getting your Head into the Game (up-to-20 people)
  • New Business Development Boot Camp (1 day)
  • Foundations of Selling (2 days) includes video taping
  • Sales Fundamentals Review (1/2 day)
  • Negotiation Skills (1/2 day)
A 6 month follow-up for any Aspire Reservation Sales program provides a boost of energy and allows a team to refocus at a time when it’s easy to lose momentum. This is an optional add-on to any traditional Reservation Sales program and helps re-align your team to focus on driving guest-centered conversations that result in more sales and higher revenue.
Because Aspire’s roots are in hospitality, we understand better than most that turnover and change within a reservations office is not only a consideration…it’s often the cost of doing business. That is why we designed an additional webinar support option for new hires who didn’t attend formal training with a certified Aspire coach.

Reservations leaders already have so much on their plates. Aspire can help you ensure agents have the tools to start building buying environments from day one, even when live or phone coaching sessions cannot be accommodated. Aspire will position your new hires for success by providing them with an online interactive webinar that ensures active learning and application of new knowledge to make for seamless transitions.

We firmly believe that even the best training is only as good as the ongoing support and learning that happens after a coach has left the building. This is why we designed a robust Keeping it Alive support system to help leaders keep their team focused on developing their new skills after the classroom program is over. KIA is a custom, private and dynamic follow-up partnership that includes online tools, quarterly calls with an Aspire coach, and ongoing support.
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