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Topics and speakers for conferences

Your event is unique and your sessions should be, too! Aspire can provide a memorable, interactive “must attend” session for your next conference as we work to customize a keynote, speech, presentation or workshop to meet your desired outcomes and complement your theme.

Speaking topics to build on:

Leading Change: Strategies to Disrupt the Status Quo

Session Description:

Change is like bad weather: hard to navigate. That’s why leaders must be storm chasers, able to anticipate what’s coming and strategically map the best course to move their organizations where they want to go. Change is hard, and hope is not a strategy. If you want different results, you have to do something different.

In this accelerated program, you will discover the elements of Aspire’s proven, research-based, and protected 8-point Change Model™. Learn strategies to evolve any aspect of your organization without losing what your people and customers love about your culture and brand.

This highly interactive session explores the techniques that drive successful organizational change, and prepares you for the storms ahead!

Application Focused Learning Objectives:

  • Break down the elements of the 8-point Change Model™ to evolve any aspect of an organization
  • Practice techniques to develop alignment in your organization, inspiring people to work for change
  • Give examples of how to adapt the strategies learned to support your unique culture, brand and vision

Intentional Leadership: The Power of Alignment

Session Description:

The more people contribute, the more things get done. It seems obvious, yet as managers work to keep up with today’s rapidly changing market, it becomes easier to focus more on what matters next…instead of what matters most. For over a decade, Aspire researched what qualities provide organizations the agility they need to overcome challenges quickly and effectively and move together toward the same future.

At the center of it all is alignment. Without alignment, organizations have more mistakes, more waste, less communication and less potential. With it, you get more positivity, more productivity, and more profitability.

This high-energy, interactive session explores the 6 Pillars of Intentional Leadership™, proven to make work more exciting and the work environment more empowering and enjoyable. It delivers actionable techniques to help you implement the Pillars at your organization today. Use them, and watch your people’s performance and profits soar!

Application Focused Learning Objectives:

  • Break down the 6 Pillars of Intentional Leadership™ to identify how top performing organizations sustain outstanding performance
  • Assess the alignment of your staff and integrate the 6 Pillars into your team or organizational initiatives
  • Differentiate between the 4 Levels of Performance and what each person needs to improve

The Business of Buying: Experience Matters

Session Description:

The cost to acquire new customers has never been higher, while the odds of retaining them have never been lower. Customers are six times more likely to buy again when highly satisfied than when merely satisfied, while perceived indifference causes 68% of customers to stop buying. How do you create more opportunities for buy-in and keep customers coming back for more?

Service is a culture, not a training program. Shifting from a reactive organization to a proactive, service-oriented team helps businesses capture more market share through improved consumer reviews.

This paradigm-shifting presentation explores the compelling relationship between service delivery and profitability, and provides concrete strategies to engage people into delivering an outstanding guest experience in every interaction.

Application Focused Learning Objectives:

  • Investigate the financial impact of customer service and conflict resolution on acquisition and retention
  • Give examples of service best practices from Aspire’s Retail Call Center Guest Experience Study, 2014
  • Outline the 4 P’s (Permission, Perimeters, Power, Protection) to empower people to deliver solutions
  • Adapt the Aspire Service Recovery Model for your organization to quickly and effectively resolve complaints

Coaching for Performance & Profitability

Session Description:

What is the #1 killer of productivity and profitability today? Human head trash. Negative perspectives limit a person’s potential before they even begin, and left unchecked they can spread like cancer throughout any organization. People feel the way they think, and thoughts drive behavior. This means perspective is a barometer of future results. Leaders can improve performance by examining the root of negative perspectives and squashing head trash where it starts: the mind.

The antidote to head trash is a healthy perspective. Positivity leads to productivity, which drives profitability. Renie’s interactive session shares techniques that quickly disrupt negative thought patterns and effectively shift people to focus on solutions. Supported by thousands of hours of research into key performance indicators, Aspire’s proven and protected coaching skills increase personal accountability and organizational alignment to drive results. Ignite momentum around individual and organizational goals. Take out the head trash today.

Application Focused Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why people fail and apply the Aspire Perspective Model™ to improve their performance
  • Distinguish 2 modes of reacting and 4 self-limiting beliefs that impact performance
  • Break down the 4 Levels of Performance and what each person needs to improve
  • Demonstrate the 6 Es of Coaching for Performance: Engage, Explore, Establish, Expect, Encourage, Execute

Speakers for conferences

Meet our Aspire coaches:

Renie Cavallari

renieRenie Cavallari is founder, CEO and Chief Instigator of Aspire and an award-winning international marketing and leadership expert. Her inimitable grasp of business and its challenges, along with her proven, innovative solutions set Renie apart as a captivating speaker, author, leader, coach, and strategist who has driven measurable results for businesses around the world for over 25 years.

Cavallari founded Aspire in 1995 and since then has worked with thousands of clients around the globe to ignite change and disrupt the status quo. Cavallari and Aspire think boldly with their customers—both small and large—to achieve breakthrough results. Known for helping customers make more money through strategic marketing & consulting, cultural alignment, and training in order to optimize revenues, Aspire is recognized as an innovative, change organization with revolutionary programming and proven, protected processes.

JC Thompson

JC Thompson is Aspire’s Chief Disrupter and Senior Vice President of the Coaching Division. He provides engaging, interactive coaching with comprehensive, real-world learning and has a delivery and approach that can only be described as “Fun with Purpose!” His thoughtFULL and easy-to-apply instruction results from direct experience in development and management.

JC uses his 16 years in luxury hospitality to innovate the customer experience and his exceptional speech delivery and coaching style inspires people at all levels, from the front-line to the C-Suite. JC consistently works to stay on top of the latest trends and the newest technology in order to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring the information he presents is on the cutting edge.

JC is an award-winning leader who holds a degree from Arizona State University in Tourism & Hotel Management, and has built a reputation bringing brand service culture to life in the senior living segment. JC always brings a fresh approach to every program as he helps people discover their passion and awaken their potential.

JC Thompson gets everyone in the room engaged!

Amy Contreras

Amy ContrerasAmy is a hospitality professional inspired by performance excellence and the chance to elevate people at every opportunity.  After spending 7 years in luxury resort call centers, Amy joined Aspire to pursue her passion for adult education and inspiration.  In front of a room, Amy creates the momentum and ignites the change necessary to achieve goals that were previously long out of reach.

An expert in conversion, leadership and transition, Amy brings a hospitality professional’s understanding of operations along with the energy, passion and dedication required to engage and encourage others to master new competencies. Her enthusiasm creates an infectious and passionate environment as she believes in the power of relationships and knows that customer satisfaction is what truly helps organizations leap from mediocre to outstanding performance.

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