Market perception is built upon your brand.

Are you operationalizing it by integrating it into your brand experience?

One piece brings it all together…
Your service culture brings your brand to life.

The customer experience starts as a strategy to integrate your brand promise and your customer service standards and approaches, and at its heart, this process only happens effectively with the alignment of your leaders, your brand promise & pillars, your culture, your service standards and defined experience, and your training and reinforcement.

Ask yourself:

  • Is the guest or resident experience at my property extraordinary?
  • Are the vision, mission and values of my organization presented accurately at my front-line service level?
  • Does every customer interaction carry impressive impact?
  • Are my employees fully engaged?
  • Are my customers highly satisfied?

If your answer to any of these questions was, “no,” or you aren’t sure of the answers…

we should talk

Culture is a key indicator of an organization’s ability to optimize both its operating performance and asset value. Aspire uses a customized approach to help you design and support the integration of your brand into your service experience.

Picture your organization with everyone engaged, aligned and performing to full potential.

Here is more information about integrating your brand into your service experience:

  • Executive team retreats: development and facilitation of retreats to provide an avenue for property leadership to immerse in the brand and expand it within each member’s departmental service standards, protocols and vocabulary; department paths, training programs and associate journey, etc.
  • Explore and identify any technology tools or resources needed to execute brand-aligned service delivery
  • Expand brand architecture to formalize any lexicon needed for all associates (titles, greetings, etc.)
  • Establish critical paths and action plans for all elements of program with each member of the leadership team
  • Provide ongoing consultation on the execution of action plans to ensure their completion with integrity

Learn more about service culture.

  • Process development for an onboarding experience that is brand aligned; development of presentation content; and brand-training of onboarding facilitator
  • Develop all onboarding communication support tools (culture program map, materials, etc.)
  • Develop pilot service culture training
  • Monthly audit of actual new-hire onboarding meetings in first year as part of the larger brand experience audit
  • Ongoing adjustments to procedures and presentation based upon results of the audit
  • Assist leadership team to deploy their departmental programs tactically through training modules, evaluation/rewards initiatives, etc. that are all brand-aligned
  • Audit guest experience monthly across all categories (from pre-arrival through departure) to identify where service delivery/standards are not brand-alignment and/or inconsistencies (audit includes everything from experiencing the property as a guest – but does not focus exclusively on service standards; this also include all guest touch points that can enhance or destroy the brand, including evaluation of all brand vocabulary used, uniforming standards, check-in procedures, outlet experiences (including review of all OS&E materials), guest room experience (including everything down to the reading materials), etc. etc., etc. to ensure they are aligned with the brand promise of the property
  • Development of corrective training protocols for any areas where brand isn’t effectively being pulled-through the guest experience
  • Creation of ongoing learning modules and other programs to keep brand alive
  • Assist the HR Director specifically to fully integrate the HR Brand Operationalization recommendations prepared by the Autograph-approved brand agency – reviewing all programs, procedures, materials and associate communication to ensure brand alignment is consistent from recruitment through separation (see sample plan)
  • Develop Drip Campaign (posters, time-clock messaging, credo cards, newsletters, standard of the week, etc.)
  • Identification of Brand Champions – coaching team selection, invitations and certification

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