Igniting change and disrupting the status quo used to be expensive and risky; today the primary reason people hold back from change is less because of cost, and more because of comfort. The past is a paradigm where we all live comfortably, where we know how things should be done and delivered.

The status quo is easy to maintain, holding organizations back from their potential and preventing them from looking ahead. In order to meet and exceed consumer expectations and increase profitability, all organizations need to be a little disruptive and learn to shape their own future.

Competitive healthcare and senior living organizations today need to seek new ideas, fresh perspectives, an aligned culture of care, and an integrated brand experience to uncover new patient & resident opportunities.

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That’s where we come in. Here at Aspire, we know what it takes to disrupt the status quo and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years. We also know that in the healthcare space, you have these 3 desired outcomes:

  1. To increase occupancy
  2. To improve your resident satisfaction
  3. To increase your employee engagement

It’s Time to Think Differently…

In order to achieve the goals you want, you must think differently about your patient’s or resident’s service experience. Having an integrated brand service experience drives occupancy and helps you effectively differentiate yourself, regardless of your capital budget. In the end, your patient & resident satisfaction is defined by your people and the service experience they provide every minute of every day.

Your physical location is just one impression. Your people are the first and lasting impression.

How are you putting your people (both your patients and staff) at the center of your brand and service delivery?

The Care Formula

Most providers focus on just half of the buying process: access to care; yet the buyer assumes you know this part already and that you are good at it. The real buying decision and differentiating factor is focused around the intersection of these 3 things:

  1. What potential residents really want is to live in an environment of love and joy
  2. Quality of life
  3. Excellent healthcare

The other half of healthcare is delivery of care. Delivering care goes beyond lab work and procedures. It starts with how a person experiences your services. To ensure resident satisfaction, you must see yourself as more than a healthcare provider and realize you are in the business of hospitality. You just happen to provide healthcare services. When you shift your mindset, the care formula becomes:

Hospitality + Healthcare = Occupancy

Training Programs for the Healthcare Industry

How do you take a resident from “simply satisfied” and turn them into a raving fan who tells friends and family how much they love where they live? By creating a service culture that intersects healthcare with hospitality.

Aspire can help you create a strong foundation for your service culture using these 9 elements:

  1. Define your brand promise. What makes you unique? Establish your motto or vision. Center it around the impact you want to have on your patients or residents.
  2. Tell your story loud and clear so your people (both staff and future customers) can see what you envision.
  3. Identify creative ways to educate your team on delivering something special and extraordinary every day.
  4. Emotional connection. Employees greet patients and residents by their names and get to know the person to provide better service.
  5. Dialogue-oriented communication. Employees engage patients and residents in conversation. They listen to understand and respond to improve.
  6. 100% of employees view customers as equals, and they feel the value of the service they provide. No ageist terms, no condescending language.
  7. Thoughtful and Thought-FULL interactions. The majority of employees use conversation with patients and residents to uncover new information that helps them deliver beyond the guest’s expectation.
  8. Support through transitions. Employees use the perspective: “I honor you, and you honor me.”
  9. Create special moments. Celebrate your patients and residents. Define the special moments that WOW your customer, and make sure your people know how to deliver those moments.
Acculturate me
Leaders are the people who take your brand promise and make it a reality. They inspire and engage their teams to work on the ground level, bringing your vision to fulfillment. Aspire meets with clients to identify what elements are critical to meeting your goals and objectives, and outline a leadership development program that will ignite your leaders and drive results. Our Leadership Development programs start with three essential components:

Engage & Inspire: drive fanatical commitment to your vision & pride in your defined service mission

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Coach & Communicate: improve performance & accountability

Align & Integrate: sustain effective service standards through intregration of Aspire’s Organizational Alignment & Engagement Model, The 6 Pillars

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Once your customer service strategy is established to support your brand promise, it needs to be refined and spread throughout all aspects of your organization and become your culture.

All Aspire training is built to support an integrated brand promise and experience. Our process begins with communicating the expectations and importance of the work to employees so they are inspired to deliver. We help you build momentum to engage people and customers in your service mission through:

  • Leadership Development
  • Alignment & Engagement
  • Communication Strategies (Internal & External)
  • Marketing Messaging & PR Applications
  • Collateral Build (training manuals to name tags, etc)
I’m ready for a cultural shift
If employees and volunteers do not have the skills and competencies they need to deliver on your service mission, you limit the potential of inspiring leadership and strategic alignment with your brand promise. We provide coaching to build new competencies toward your strategy based on our proven and protected process, The Aspire Learning Model®, and covers:

  • Handling objections
  • Customer service
  • Sales

Aspire’s Learning programs include train-the-trainer tools, and delivery certification. To keep the learning alive, we provide you with tools for ongoing learning and constant never-ending improvement (CANI)

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