Shop calls are an essential tool to set a team up for success after a training program.

They support your leaders from a coaching perspective, keep learning alive well beyond the end of a program, and provide team members with qualitative information to analyze and upgrade their own performance.

Bottom line: our shop calls improve performance and ultimately, your profitability.

Even the most advanced recording software can’t offer a human being who provides objective, personalized feedback and analysis—voice-to-voice, person to person.

This is where Aspire shop calls make a real difference. We focus on developing the human element in organizations. We optimize performance through our proven and protected processes and drive productivity, ultimately impacting profitability.

The human element at the center of Aspire’s phone coaching is what makes our approach so effective and impactful.

Have a competency you want to improve? We’ll develop custom grading criteria to get you there.

Have a team with performance gaps? We’ll help you locate specific opportunities to improve and help set the tempo for sustainable success.

At Aspire, we customize each shop call program depending on your needs and organizational goals. All shop criteria is designed with you and for you.


Our Programs

Shop calls are the dynamic first portion of our mystery-shopping portfolio. They include ongoing “temperature checks” to evaluate the performance of individuals associates and their effectiveness on the phone. Coaches provide thoughtful and focused feedback on each call, helping leaders focus individuals and the reservation team around utilizing the Aspire buying funnel. All calls are customized to your property and operating realities and are realistic, similar to what your agents would receive on an average day.

  • Standard: Standard shop calls are a great introduction to the Aspire mystery shopping process and provide an “on your toes” experience for agents. Standard shop calls can take place any time of day, with the mystery shopper providing written feedback on every agent.
  • Custom: With custom shop calls, you control the call variables – from the who to the what to the when. This is a great way to push experienced team members to the next level or guide new associates through learning the sales process.
  • Real-Life Shops: If you already have a strong technology backbone, our real-life shop calls will monitor your recordings with actual guests. Agents then receive written feedback from an Aspire coach.
Coaching calls

These calls are designed to give the agent an opportunity to discuss the call while it is top of mind, ensuring maximum impact. We provide flexibility in our coaching calls, and can either execute the mystery-shopping portion of the call or use your recorded calls from real customer conversations.


This powerful coaching tool offers leaders the opportunity to practice their coaching skills with certified Aspire coaches, helping them build their coaching muscle and learn some new techniques to optimize team performance. This is an ideal tool to build supervisory bench strength in new leaders or leaders who haven’t had the chance to participate in Aspire classroom training.

Group sales shop calls are the third and final segment of our mystery shopping support system. They provide actionable insights into the existing sales process by providing a digital recording of each call, immediately posted on the Aspire shop call website. A realistic and effective way to measure the success of the group sales team through concrete data and feedback, the group sales shop calls create monthly focus for the Director of Sales and provide an opportunity to sit one-on-one with various sales managers, start a conversation and effect real performance improvement.

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