21st Century Leadership Quiz
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1. Strong organizations are able to pull negative employees out of their pessimism and motivate them into being positive team members.

2. Most organizations have a large percentage of their people playing at a mediocre level.

3. Companies that are going to outperform their competitors and survive during economic downturns will focus primarily on stealing business from their competition.

4. The most effective way to raise levels of competency is through great training programs.

5. When we awaken the potential of our people we awaken the potential of our organizations.

6. New business is what builds our brand, market dominance, long term asset value and provides the foundation for successful business.

7. The best strategy for revenue generation is the creation of more effective sales teams.

8. In business today, we celebrate innovation, but insist on conformity.

9. Teams are the same as Communities.

10. Truly great leaders shine the light so that others will see what's possible.

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