Media Questions
aspire…to move into 21st Century Leadership

How do leaders and organizations transcend current challenges

Q: As a world leader in marketing, what do you think is needed to succeed during this current economic downturn?

Q: So much has changed in business and in the world. How do leaders navigate in such unfamiliar territory?

Q: Looking at the many challenges that businesses face today, what is most important for leaders to consider?

Q: How can employees find security when so many companies are being forced to downsize?

Q: What are the true costs and consequences of eliminating a position solely for short term cost cutting measures?

Q: How can leaders move their organizations forward with the turbulence and unrest that is so prevalent today?

Why Aspire has retained over 90% of top brand companies over the past 16 years – what other leaders can do

Q: What sets the Aspire Leadership Solution apart from other Leadership approaches?

Q: If you walked into an organization that was struggling, what are some of the steps you would take to turn it around?

Q: As you think back, what is the most important leadership lesson you have learned?

Q: If you had one piece of advice for people to move from surviving to thriving, what would it be?

Q: Much of your book focuses on how to drive revenues through building a loyal community. What kind of loyalty has Aspire experienced within its community?

What it takes to effectively lead a 21st Century organization

Q: In what ways are leadership roles different today?

Q: What are the qualities that successful businesses need in a leader?

Q: How does our technology driven business culture impact leadership today?

Q: How do you create motivation in those you lead?

Q: How do you answer critics who say that face-to-face training is too expensive and unnecessary today?

Understanding core competencies essential to leaders

Q: You have said that leading today is not like leading yesterday. What is different?

Q: Businesses in the past have focused on team building to help with motivational issues. Why do you suggest they shift their focus to building a Community?

Q: You mention the Lie of Leadership, what is that?

Q: How do leaders increase productivity?

Attributes of truly outstanding organizations

Q: In your research, Aspire has identified 4 levels of performers. Can you tell us more about them?

Q: What tools does a leader use to improve performance with Outstanding and Top Notch players versus those in the Mediocre Crowd?

Q: What does it take for an organization to sustain high levels of performance?

Q: You suggest as a leader, this is a time to get excited, why and how?