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Business Demands 21st Century Leadership Revolution

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Business Demands 21st Century Leadership Revolution

New Book offers Leadership Solutions

Phoenix Arizona… Founder of Aspire, Renie Cavallari, and author of the newly released book and CD aspire… to be, identifies new roles in Business Leadership. Her insights are based on research showing that:

  • Engaged employees generate over 40% more revenue than disengaged employees – Hay Group
  • The profit increases you will realize if you retain an additional 5% of your customers is 25 to 74% - Harvard University Survey and Business Review
Combining this and other research with her own experience, Cavallari defines new requirements for effective leadership.

“Today, more than ever before, it is leadership that is core to revenue generation strategies,” Renie says.

Renie offers leaders three areas of focus to affect employee productivity and increase revenues:

  1. Understand the four generations in business today - Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials. They think, work and need to be led differently.
  2. Build Community - Connection, Communication and Compassion are more business than you think.
  3. Identify the four levels of performers in your organization - Provide Outstanding and Top-Notch leadership executive coaching programs, focus training resources on the Mediocre Crowd, and eliminate the Naysayers.

At leaders can receive complimentary support. They can take the 21st Century Leadership Quiz to see if they are “able to identify the competencies needed to effectively lead in today’s business environment.” They are also able to receive a free “weekly dose” of Renie’s Leadership Tips.

Her book, and also her new CD, aspire to be… a leadership conversation with Renie, explain:
  • What it takes to be an effective leader in any economy.
  • What qualities define the person who is able to successfully lead any size organization.
  • How times have changed and why common leadership styles no longer work.
  • Relevant leadership principles that are organized into effective strategies, systems and tools.
  • How to learn from new research to attract, inspire and retain talented leadership.

Leaders of large and small organizations have seen the benefit of Renie’s “21st Century Leadership Revolution.” PAR Springer-Miller System, Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Hall agrees.

“Rarely does a book of any size truly motivate one to act,” Hall said “Renie’s aspire…to be contains page after page of inspirational tips that make leaders more effective, immediately!” 

Aspire is an award-winning international marketing and consulting company that has trained some of the world’s top corporate leaders. Renie is a much sought after keynote speaker and is held in such high esteem that she has retained over 90% of her clients during her 20-years-plus career.

More information about her new book, CD, keynote speaking and leadership training is available at: