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Give to Yourself. Finding Some Balance.
Getting Onto Your Never-Ending To Do List.

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Today, life is fast and our never-ending to do list seems to just keep growing. As women, we have perfected the human-doer and lost the human-just-being in our life. How did we get here? Well, for the most part, we wanted our father’s job and then once we got it, we forgot to resign from our mother’s. Join Renie as she shares her hilarious adventure of how she spent her summer vacation where she finally recognized she held everyone else responsible for her insanity and had been in a bad mood for way too long. She then realized she didn’t know how to give to her Self anymore. This is 90 minutes of laughter and tips on finding your balance and enhancing the joy in your life.

Don't bring your list.

Who is Living in my House?
Finding our way with raising self-confident and self-loving GIRLS!

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If you have a daughter, you have already asked yourself “who is living in my house?” What happened to my sweet, loving child and where are those “you are the best” notes I used to get! Being a young woman today is no picnic. The peer pressure has never been more intense. The choices are overwhelming. The internet has made them grow up and consider things that are downright scary. As founder of Wings to Fly, a 501c3 that provides fun summer camps where girls explore who they are, what they really want and teaches them to both check in on their choices and recognize the responsibility of having choices, Renie has studied the reality of being a girl today and will share insights as to how we can best support them as they become the leaders of tomorrow!

Join Renie for ninety minutes of interactive conversation and learn tips into the development of effective communication, relationship building, and understanding the influences on their young lives. What you discover will benefit you and the girl in your life as you prepare for the teenage years and learn the secrets of being a part of their inside circle.