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We are Women… Hear US Roar!
Capturing the Female Buyer

Presentation Scope

There are no surprises here, women love to buy and understanding what we want is the key to getting us to buy and keep buying! During this highly entertaining and hilarious 90 minutes, learn how to capture the female buyer. Understand how to build a message that engages women so you can then share how to make their lives easier, more fulfilled, secure or whatever other hot buttons touch your key audience. Get tips on what matters most, how not to tick us off and what should be in your messaging/offers. Women are the original viral marketers and they’ve been doing so for centuries! So tap into the sheer purchasing power of women to drive revenues to your business. We are Women. Hear US Roar!

20 Ways to Leave your Competition…
(Play off of Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover)

20 Ways to Drive Business Today

Program Impact/Outcomes

  • Thought provoking, with new ideas about how to generate sales
  • Reviews the fundamentals and innovates them for today’s realities
  • Personally motivating

Presentation Scope

During this fast moving and energizing keynote, Renie walks participants through 20 ways to drive sales in your business. From how to build a pipeline of leads (and never leave your building) to how to leverage blue ocean strategies that you don’t yet see, you will walk away with real actions to improve your financial performance and market share.

Driving New Customers - Workshop Only
Selling in Today’s Realities

Presentation Scope

Learn how to target new customers and gain sales skills that get customers to buy in today’s realities. The game has changed and your approach must shift from selling to creating buying environments that engage customers and build a community around your business.


  • Creating powerful buying environment training
  • Fundamentals of selling and prospecting today
  • Stages of pipelining
  • Real time new business pipelining
  • Effective approaches to getting customers to buy
  • Spend time building your plan. Who should you target, what is the best way to engage them and then what is your compelling pitch to get the conversation moving forward.
  • Getting your head into your new business game…pick up the phone and move